The First State Section was Chartered on May 6, 1987 with 44 original members.  9 of those originals are still current members of the section.  Mr. Paul McConnell was most instrumental in generating the interest in forming the section and attended many of the organizational meetings that first year.  DelDOT’s Gary Homewood was the initial Section President.

Current Membership totals 155, of which 68% are Consultants, 11% Contractors, 21% Government, Suppliers, Utilities, and others.

After several years of discussing the potential for launching a Student Chapter at the University of Delaware, the concept became a reality in 2009 due in particular to the efforts of Bob Muir, Rod Pieretti, Dick Prentice and Matt Carter.  The Student Chapter is thriving with a current membership consisting of about 20 enterprising University of Delaware Students.

We are extremely proud to have established the Fred Mueller Memorial Golf / Scholarship event which annually raises money to support the awarding of scholarships to deserving students dedicated to serving the Highway Industry.  From one initial scholarship of $1,000 in 1994, we have continually increased our ability to award money and in 2018, granted six scholarships totaling $10,500.  Through 2018, the First State Section has awarded $147,800 in scholarships to deserving students interested in pursuing careers in the Transportation Industry.  The Golf Tournament is the sole source of funding for the Scholarship effort and we thank all of the sponsors who graciously donate their time, effort and dollars to such a worthwhile cause.  [In 2018, we added the Kirkor Yilancioglu Memorial Scholarship from memorial funds donated after his passing.]

Another noteworthy accomplishment is the creation of the First State Section Highway Hall of Fame.  Each year since 1997, one or more deserving individuals have been elected to the Hall of Fame in recognition of significant contributions to the Delaware Highway Industry.  To date, 54 ladies and gentlemen have been rewarded with election to the Hall of Fame.  These awards are given annually at our May banquet.  In 2002, we expanded the Awards Banquet to also include the Pioneer Award which recognizes some of the founders of Delaware’s Highway Program who “Paved the Way” for all of us who have followed in their footsteps.  50 individuals have received the “Pioneer Award” to date.

New for 2010-2011 was the establishment of the “Projects of the Year” program that has now developed into an annual event.  DelDOT’s Secretary of Transportation assisted with the presentation of awards in the initial year.

Our monthly programs include Technical presentations on a wide variety of Highway related topics, social gatherings at an annual Happy Hour for our members, presentations by elected or appointed officials, occasional Field Trips, and joint meetings with compatible organizations.

A Charter member of our Section, Mr. Ray Petrucci, was honored to serve as the ASHE National President in 1994 and former Board Member Mr. Richard Prentice was the National President in 2007.

With a good mix of Industry, Government, and Suppliers in our membership, the Section is always striving to improve cooperation, communication, and a sharing of knowledge toward our common goal of establishing the best possible transportation system for the citizens of Delaware.

Respectfully submitted:

Matt Carter
First State Section Secretary


1997 – Ray Tomasetti, Sam Whitaker, James Julian

1998 – Al Donofrio, Bill Ward, Ray Pusey, Thompson Eastburn

1999 – Bill Miller, Gene Greggo, Nick Ferrara, Sr.

2000 – Howard Scott, Bob Appleby, Dick Appleby, Bill Turner

2001 – Ernie Davidson, Joe Vattilana, Bud Swift

2002 – Joe Pennington

2003 – Rod Pieretti, Erika and Frank Bush

2004 – Jim Lutrzykowski

2005 – John McMahon, Kirk Yilancioglu, Joe Julian

2006 – Gary Homewood, Nick Marinis

2007 – Gabe Julian

2008 – Vincent Greggo, Nicholas Ferrara, Jr.

2009 – David T. “Corky” Jacobi

2010 – Gene Giuliani, Bob McDowell, Ted Parker, III

2011 – Glenn Davis, Bill Saienni, Jr., Bill Scarborough

2012 – Leonard Iacono, Andrew Rispoli

2013 – Dr. Chao Hu, William J. Kuhn, Jr.

2014 – Dr. Bob Muir, Barry Baker, Sonny Johnson

2015 – Jerry Jalosky, John Casey, Ray Harbeson

2016 – Tom Clements

2017 – Paul Connor, Rob Snowden, Ted Waugh

2018 – Sam Bostick. Bobby Julian, Carolann Wicks

2019 – Bruce Kay, Joseph Wright

2021 – Raymond Petrucci, Samual Whitaker, III

2022 – K. Mark Alexander, Scott Rathfon


2002 – Vincent Schiavi (Vincent Schiavi & Sons), T. Hood Simpson, P.E. (DelDOT), Howard P. Wilson (Wilson Contracting), Stan Scarborough, P.E. (DelDOT), Charles Petrillo, Sr. (Petrillo Concrete & Stone), Richard A. Haber, P.E. (DelDOT), Dennis Petrillo, Sr. (Petrillo Concrete & Stone), John K. Smith, P.E. (DelDOT), Genesio Giuliani (James Julian, Inc.), Ed Palenski (DelDOT), David Jacobi, Sr. (J.T. Ward), John Lewis (HNTB), Bill Hoerner (Diamond State Telephone), Frank Lynch & Ernest VanDemark (VanDemark and Lynch)

2003 – Gene Julian (Eastern States Construction), John B. Fontana (Fontana Construction), John T. Davis, P. E. (DelDOT), E. Lionel Pavlo (Pavlo Engineering)

2004 – Jack Schuh (DelDOT), Lloyd Carney (Carney Construction), John Julian (John Julian Construction); Bill Saienni, Sr. (Beaver Blacktop)

2005 – Joe Rispoli (Jos. Rispoli & Son), Bob Peoples (R.C. Peoples, Inc.)

2006 – Rena DiDonato (DelDOT), Melvin Joseph (Melvin L. Joseph Construction Co., Inc.), Dennis Petrillo, Jr. (Southgate Concrete, Inc, Newark Concrete, Inc., Petrillo Bros)

2007 – Rolph Ziegler (McBride and Ziegler), Dominick Pileggi (Olivere Construction & DelDOT), Ted Schmidt (DelDOT)

2008 – Earl Pearson (Wilmington Suburban Water)

2009 – John A Lucey (DelDOT)

2010 – Watson Meck (Diamond State Telephone), Joe Whiteside (D,P&L Electric)

2011 – Paul Finney (DelDOT), Eddie Bonvetti (B&B Masons)

2012 – Vic Talmo (DelDOT)

2013 – Louis Edgell (Edgell Construction), Jim Johnson, Sr. (Century Engineering), John Volk (DRBA & James Julian, Inc.)

2014 – Harvey Berry (DelDOT), Pete Olivere (Olivere Paving and Construction Co.), Edward H. Richardson (Edward H. Richardson Associates, Inc.)

2015 – Mack Ewing (Ewing Farms / Curbs, etc.), Walter Hoey, Jr. (DelDOT)

2016 – P. Jeffery Roehm (Enterprise Flasher Company)

2017 – Leon A. (Pete) Collins (Century Engineering)

2018 – C. Osborne Reed (DelDOT), Joe Cunane (Guardian Construction)

2019 – No Inductees

2020 – No Inductees

2021 – Mike Davis (Diamond Materials)

2022 – Dennis Ho (DelDOT), Ed Wright (DelDOT)


Name Term
Gary Homewood, PE 1987-1988
Frank Bush 1988-1989
Glenn Davis, PE 1989-1990
Joe Vattilana 1990-1991
Gene Giuliani 1991-1992
Steve Bunting 1992-1993
Jeff Roehm 1993-1994
Joe Pennington 1994-1995
Bob Muir, PE 1995-1996
Corky Jacobi 1996-1997
Ted Waugh, PE 1997-1998
Sam Bostick 1998-1999
Joe Wright, PE 1999-2000
Paul Connor 2000-2001
Mark Rickerson 2001-2002
Bill Stewart 2002-2003
Rob Snowden, PE 2003-2004
Dave McGuigan 2004-2005
Name Term
Tony Cappella 2005-2006
Leon (Pete) Collins 2006-2007
Mark Kinnee, PE 2007-2008
Mark Luszcz, PE 2008-2009
Mike Peco 2009-2010
Sonia Marichic-Goudy, PE 2010-2012
Philip Horsey, PE 2012-2013
Preston Ayars 2013-2014
William F. Conway, PE 2014-2015
Matheu J. Carter 2015-2016
Robert P. McGurk, PE 2016-2017
Shilpa Mallem, PE 2017-2018
Gregory Pawlowski, PE 2018-2019
Brian Keith Kisner 2019-2020
Shellie DeMoss, PE 2020-2021
Breanna Kovach, PE 2021-2022
Joseph Jacobowski, PE 2022-2023